High Efficiency Destratification Systems


Christy Commercial have a wealth of experience introducing High-Efficiency Destratification into many of our heating designs, most often when working in conjunction with warm air heating.

Championed by the Carbon Trust, Destratification can reduce energy consumption by up to 30% and is most productive in large open plan premises with high ceilings (more than 5m), such as Factories, Warehouses and Sports Halls.


Discover the perfect destratification solution for you

How it works.

As heat naturally rises all buildings will be affected at some degree by thermal stratification, causing a significant imbalance of temperatures from the lower ground to ceiling height.

Destratification fans are positioned at ceiling height and work by recognising when the temperature gradient becomes too hot within the ceiling and introduces the integral fan to force the warm air back down to the lower level where it’s of most benefit.

Advantages of Destratification:

Substantial reduction in energy bills

Improves comfort levels and helps to eliminate hot and cold spots

Recycles heat from machinery and lighting

Reduces wear and tear on existing HVAC equipment

Assists with the flow of cool air the summer months


Axial Fan

Suitable for Industrial Premises: – Including Factories and Warehouses

Integral thermostat

Adjustable louvres

Air outputs from 3,200 m³ to 10,000 m³


Bladed Fan

Suitable for Commercial Premises: – Including Sports halls, Warehouses and Offices

Unobtrusive in any modern environment

Near silent

User friendly remote controller

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