High Efficiency Warm Air Heating Solutions

Experts in Design and Installation.

Christy Commercial are experts in the design and installation of high-efficiency gas warm air heating solutions, offering an efficient and cost-effective form of heating for FactoriesWarehousesSports Halls and Commercial Space.

The most important factor when looking at a heating solution for a large open plan space is to identify one that can accommodate high ceilings, different quantities of insulation and the vast expanse of space. Warm air heating is designed specifically for heating large open plan commercial and industrial space and has an outstanding record for being reliable and robust.

Christy Commercial offer our customers a choice of fully modulating and condensing warm air gas heater models; suspended and floor standing heater designs, providing an effective and versatile choice for commercial and industrial premises.

Warm air works by actively passing cool air through a heat exchanger within the gas-fired unit enabling heat to then be distributed within the space primarily by the heaters themselves or with the addition of stand-alone destratification fans suspended evenly at ceiling height.

Warm Air Gas Space Heaters.

Christy Commercial offers a wide selection of warm air gas space heaters which are fully modulating with integral destratification and the heaters unique characteristics contribute to exceptionally low energy consumption with savings of up to 30% when compared to conventional air heaters.



Suitable for Factories, Warehouses, Workshops, Sports Halls, Retail and many more  

Advantages include:

Excellent air flow minimising hot and cold spots

Robust and stainless-steel heat exchangers with 10-year time related warranty

Modulating premix burner and fan to reduce energy consumption by up to 30%

Integral axial fan to minimise heat loss

Flexibility of horizontal and vertical positioning to optimise heat distribution 10 to 150kw capacity heaters

Natural Gas and LPG

ERP Compliant in accordance with the latest eco-design directive

warm air


Suitable for Factories, Warehouses, Workshops and Greenhouses

Advantages include:

Vertical floor mounted design

Ease of access

40 – 300kw capacity heaters

Stainless steel combustion chamber

Intelligent Thermostatic Heater Controls

To ensure your warm air heater delivers optimum performance the heaters are individually controlled by user-friendly thermostat controllers to get the best from the heaters and to deliver maximum comfort level with minimum energy consumption.

Functionalities May Include

Programmable time blocks

Overtime programme

Summer ventilation mode

Frost protection

Keyboard locking

Failure diagnosis and reset per heater

Facility to connect to a Building management System (BMS)

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